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SMEAG Global Education has the tools to transform your dream of MASTERING English into reality.

GREETINGS. Welcome to SMEAG Global Education.
English has quickly taken its position as a mandatory requirement to advance in this fast growing era of globalization. A considerable number of students start their studies with a firm determination and aim to improve their English language skills.

However, in reality it is not easy to reach such goal. The more you treat English as a subject to study and a hurdle that you must overcome, the further you drift away from your ambitions. In order to receive the utmost achievement, you need to incorporate the use of English into your daily lifestyle. You must make it a habit to live and breathe English to obtain maximum results.

Learning Engish is been never a simple path, but with a systematic educational program specialized to conform to your appropriate level, the dream can become a reality.

SMEAG Global Education has a structured efficient dormitory services so students can ultimately focus on their studies during their stay. With the certification from British Council as an authorized IELTS Testing Center, an ETS certified TOEIC center, and several partnerships with local and foreign universities, SMEAG evolves as a unique and dynamic institution of learning. Through our professional and reliable education curriculum and accredited testing and certification programs, we, at SMEAG, will strive to help you improve your English language skills so you can leap forward as a global talent.

With our internationally-authenticated testing and teaching programs, we work hard to provide you with best English education ever available.

Thank you.



11  |  Expansion of 1st Campus (Sparta) Previous: Mabolo area, total 440 students
07  |  Pusan ​​Foreign Language University, Chosun University, Hanyang University group language training
04  |  Sejong Hotel Arts College Semester Program
02  |  Hankyung University Semester Program

Designated as a language school by the Philippine Tourism Board

Became a member of PSAA (Philippine Study Abroad Association)
01  |  Gyeongbuk Health College, Konkuk University, Geumgang University Group Study

Toshiba Corporation of Japan Toshiba I.S. Corporation Corporate Training


08  |  Musashi University Language School

Toyo University “Studying English Abroad” in Japan

Kansai University Japanese Language School

SMEAG Family Training Program
07  |  Language School (KUMA)
06  |  Musashi University Language School

Intensive IELTS Program (Vietnam)
05  |  SMEAG Faculty Exchange Program Batch 6-8
01  |  Hanyang University, Konkuk University, Seoul City University


12  |  Business English (BULATS) Course Renewal opened

Second Japanese Language School in Keihoku, High School

Japan Keihoku Junior High School / High School of Toyo University

“Studying English Abroad” – Language Training
10 | Nexen Tire Company Training 6
09 | Established office in Taiwan
08 | Toyo University “Studying English Abroad” in Japan

Japanese University Kansai University Language Training
07 | Nexen Tire Company Training 5
06 | SMEAG Global School – International (4th campus) opened

1st Vietnam – Junior Camp
03 | Hankyung University Overseas Language Training Semester Program

Nexen Tire Company Training 4

Musashi University Language training

Australian Farm Program
02 | Japan KPMG Corporate Training

Japanese University Toyo University
01 | Hanyang University, Konkuk University, Wonkwang University, Hankyong University, Gachon University Group Study

Concluded South Western University Business Agreement in detail

Internship at Kimcheon Science University

Tokyo GAS Corporate Training


12  |  CISA selected as the best language school in 2014

Selected as No.1 Registration Agent by British Council

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Corporate language training

The 15th English Camp
10 |  Concluded a business agreement with University of the Philippines – Cebu
09  |  Nexen Tire Company Training 3
08  |  KPMG Corporate Language Training

Japanese University Toyo University

Kansai University “Studying English Abroad” Language Training
07  |  Tokyo Kanko Language Training

Hanyang University, Han Kyung University, Wonkwang University, Chungbuk National University Group Study

15th English Camp

1st Japanese – Junior English Camp
06  |  Nexen Tire Company Training 2
03  |  Designated as TOEFL IBT

Chungbuk National University Foreign Language Semester & Internship Program

Hankyung University Overseas Language Training Semester Program
02  | Nexen Tire Company Training 1

Japanese Toyo University Language Training
01  | Hanyang University, Chungcheong University, Wonkwang University, Wonkwang Health College,

Kimcheon Science University group language training

The 14th English Camp


12  |  Changed the name to SMEAG Global Education
08  |  Japanese University Toyo University Language Training
07  |  Wonkwang Health College

The 13th English Camp
06  |  Hanyang University, Wonkwang University Group Study
05  |Opened a course and became an official Cambridge ESOL Test Venue

Australia Wide Bay Institute of TAFE MOU signing
03  |  Japan Hoju–Jogakuin / Tokyo International College of

Music Therapy Corporate Language Training

SIEC Established (SME International Education Center)
02  |  Australia Southbank TAFE and MOU signing

Australia Le Cordon Bleu Wow MOU signing
01  |  Geumgang University, Wonkwang Health University Group Study


12  |  ETS Certified TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test Conducted

Hanyang University, Wonkwang University group language training

The 12th English Camp
08  |  Australia Sunshine Coast TAFE and MOU signing

Linkage Program (Pathway Program) Opened
07  |  Opening of 3rd Campus (Capital): Total 850 students

Opened ETS certified TOEIC test center in the 3rd campus (Capital)

Hanyang University, Wonkwang Health University Group Study

MOU with NSW TAFE in Australia and associated programs

(Pathway Program) Opened

The 11th English Camp
06  |  Group students from Gumi University

Singapore Informatics Conditional Admission
05  |  Australia William Angliss TAFE and MOU signing

Linkage program (Pathway Program) Opened
03  |  TOEIC course opened

Cebu City, Philippines signed MOA with St. Theresa’s College
02  |  Japan Rakuten Business Japanese Language Institute

Designated ACT ES accredited GAC teaching center


12  |  Contracted with GAC program with ACT, accredited by American colleges and universities

Australia IMAGINE EDUCATION and MOU Conclusion and linkage programs

(Pathway Program) opened

The 10th English Camp
07  |  Establishment of Conditional Admission to Canada Center College

SME IELTS Teachers’ Training hosted by British Council

Pre-test on progress

1st IELTS Official Exam (Academic Module)

in the 2nd Campus (Classic)

Hallym University, Wonkwang Medical College

MOU with BROWNS College in Australia

(Pathway Program) opened

The 9th Car English Camp
06  |  British Council IELTS test center opened at the 2nd Campus (Classic)

IELTS Resource Center opened
04  |  Contracted with GAC program with ACT,  accredited by American colleges and universities


12  |  Gyeongseong High School, Hallym University, Wonkwang Health University

My 8th English Camp
10  |  Hanchong Sacred Heart University, Signed an agreement for overseas language study course in Daegu Account High School
08  |  Support for Industrial Manpower Management Corporation Wonkwang Health University 1st group language training
07  |  VIVA College Pathway course opened

7th English Camp Management & lT;
06  |  Second Campus (Classic) Expansion: Building B, total 505 students

Wonkwang Health Center Overseas Employment training course agreement

Australia CIC Pathway course agreement


12   |  Daegu Gyeongbuk Korean Language School’s second overseas language course

The 6th English Camp
07  |  First Campus (Sparta) Premium English Dormitory opened: 360-persons scale

The 5th English Camp
01  |  Soonchunhyang University Group Study


12  |  Daegu Gyeongbuk Incheon – The first foreign language training abroad

The 4th English Camp
07  |  The 3rd English Camp

World Agents Camp
05  |  IELTS (International English Language Testing System) course opened
04  |  Second Campus (Classic) opened: Mabolo area, total 300 people
01  |  First Campus (Sparta) expansion: Talamban area, total 150 people


07  |  First English Camp


08  |  SME (SME Networks Philippines Training Center, Inc.)

Formal Opening : August 26, 2006

ESL (English as a Second Language) course opened


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