Good morning! SMEAG.

Choose a language school in Philippines! You have a lot of troubles, right? Important check-in essential when you choose! Let me check it out.

First, Program Reliability


I am worried about whether it is as reliable as the language training in the Philippines,

So the first thing to check is the reliability of the program.

So how do you figure out how to trust it?

“Cooperation with Authorized Agencies”

There are a lot of places that are known as CAMBRIDGE, British Council, PEARSON, ETS.

In the Philippines, you should be able to find out where you are working with these educational institutions on the basis of public confidence.

SMEAG has an accredited testing center certified by Cambridge, UK. Two of them!

One is CAMBRIDGE EXAM and the other is BULATS, a business-specific English test!

Next is proud of SMEAG! The IELTS Certified Test Site, operated in cooperation with the British Council!

In fact, more than 3,000 students a year study IELTS at SMEAG and earn an official test score,

IELTS is already a required course among the students studying at IELTS, and recently IELTS Center has opened in Gangnam!

In addition, SMEAG has partnered with PEARSON to operate PTE-ACADEMIC (Australia, New Zealand Immigration / Study Abroad Test) and TOEIC and TOEFL test sites in cooperation with ETS

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Second, Nationality Ratio


If you have only 2 months and 6 months to study, you will not be able to improve your English skills.

So what is important is the nationality rate! is.

The SMEAG language school maintains 25% ~ 30%

As of September 2018, 23% of Korea, 25% of Taiwan, 15% of Japan, 12% of China, 12% of Vietnam, 9% of Russia and 3% of other students are going to study.

So it’s possible

“Foreign roommate, classmate”

You can be assigned to a foreigner’s roommate just by requesting registration! Classmates also naturally with foreign friends!

Can you believe it or not?

Third, The size and Facilities of the Institute


Scale is an essential condition for a school to operate reliably!

It is difficult to operate because of the nature of the Philippines, which has a lot of 1:

“The largest language school in the Philippines”

SMEAG operates an international school in Cebu, Philippines, with three campuses,

In 2018, we have also opened language schools in Melbourne and Kangnam, Korea.

There are 3 campuses, so you have freedom of choice, and you can also go campus in the middle, so you can experience various things!

Is it possible to move campus from Philippines to Australia?

Please contact us! There is nothing impossible in SMEAG!

Visit the campus below.

1st – SPARTA | 2nd – CLASSIC | 3rd – CAPITAL | 4th – Global School | 5th – MELBOURNE | 6th – SEOUL

More Philippine Language Training Required Checklist Finishes!

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